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The Valley, Virgin Gorda
British Virgin Islands
The Valley, Virgin Gorda
British Virgin Islands

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Virgin Gorda


Virgin Gorda is the third largest and second most populous of the British Virgin Islands (BVI). The island has approximately 3500 residents. Virgin Gorda covers an area of about 8 square miles (21 km2). Christopher Columbus is said to have named the island “The Fat Virgin”, because the island’s profile on the horizon looks like a fat woman lying on her side.

The southwestern part of the island is known as The Valley or alternatively Spanish Town. In this area of low hills you will find most of the island’s population and businesses as well as the island’s yacht harbor, airport, and primary ferry dock.

In and around Spanish Town, the landscape and seascapes are strewn with giant granite boulders. These boulders provide a dramatic setting for accommodations, restaurants and beaches.

In the center of the island, a mountain rises from the sea to about 1350 feet. A national park located on top of the mountain is called Gorda Peak. This park has hiking trails and features a three-story observation deck at the island’s highest point. The views from this vantage point are truly spectacular. Except for a few small business and a residential neighborhood called North Sound, this part of the island is undeveloped and sparsely populated.


Virgin Gorda has a lot to offer as a vacation destination. Travelers looking for a uniquely Caribbean experience will not be disappointed. Less developed than many of its island neighbors, Virgin Gorda does not have chain stores, casinos, or fast food restaurants. This goes a long way towards preserving the island’s truly Caribbean flavor.

Virgin Gorda does not have a deep-water ferry dock and this prevents us from getting overrun with cruise ship passengers. When ships do visit Virgin Gorda they dock off shore and guests come over on small tenders. It would be wrong to say that Virgin Gorda does not get cruise ship visitors but compared to other islands we have a fraction of the day-trippers of other destinations. This distinction makes a big difference in the quality of life for locals and tourists alike. Even during the busiest weeks of the year, Virgin Gorda never feels crowded.

Virgin Gorda’s natural beauty is the island’s greatest attraction. The island features panoramic vistas, sandy white beaches, and turquoise blue water. Virgin Gorda’s location and breathtaking scenery makes it a perfect destination for activities including hiking, bird watching, fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, boating, and rock climbing. The island’s close proximity to other islands make Virgin Gorda a popular home base for day trips to outer islands.

The Baths is Virgin Gorda’s most famous attraction. This strikingly beautiful beach features giant boulders that were brought to the surface by ancient volcanic eruptions. The boulders rise from the sand to form caves, grottos, and pools that are great for exploring. Other beaches, including Spring Bay, Devil’s Bay, Little Trunk Bay, and Savannah Bay are widely regarded as some of the nicest beaches in the Caribbean.


The following is a list of things to do on Virgin Gorda. Let us help you plan your favorite activities.

• Explore our World-Class Beaches
• Day Sail to Outer Islands
• Snorkel the Reefs off Virgin Gorda as well as outer islands such as Cooper Island, Peter Island, and Norman Island.
• Day Trips to Anegada
• Kayak Rentals
• Rock Climbing & Bouldering
• Motor Boat Rentals
• Spa Treatments
• Hire a Private Chef
• Scuba Diving
• Scooter Rentals
• Fishing Charters
• Hiking Gorda Peak
• Visit the island’s historic Copper Mine ruin
• Fine Dinning & Local BBQ Shacks
• Pub Crawl (Taxi’s Available)
• Full-Moon Parties
• Live Music & Nightlife
• Attend Easter Carnival Celebrations


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