Virgin Gorda offers enough dramatic shallow-water snorkeling spots to keep sea gazers wide-eyed for days. Here is a list of 5 of our favorite great snorkeling sites.

Savannah Bay

Along the west shore of Virgin Gorda the government of the British Virgin Islands established a self-guided “trail” to the finest snorkeling spots off pristine Savannah Bay. Along the way, underwater signs help snorkelers learn more about the animal life they are gazing upon, which includes hard and soft corals, marine plants, and colorful fish.

The Baths

At The Baths, only a five minute walk from Water’s Edge Villa, underwater sites are less about reef and more about rock life. Regardless, this spot still teems with fish. Snorkelers will feel like true explorers as they seek out hidden underwater nooks and crannies that serve as home to marine life.

The Dogs

The Dogs, a small group of uninhabited islands just off the West shore of Virgin Gorda, have some of the best snorkeling in the BVI. Local charter boat captains or dive operators can easily take you where you need to go. Part of the fun of this experience is snorkeling right from the boat.

Mahoe Bay

The two reefs that protect Mahoe Bay from incoming sailboats and other boat traffic are ideal for beginning snorkelers. Beach Dreams Villa offers easy access to the reef and is one reason why this is a popular spot for visitors. Mahoe Bay provides some of the calmest waters of anywhere on the island and is ideal for young and beginner snorkelers

Spring Bay

Just before you get to The Baths on the right, this much quieter and free park is another island favorite. Offering direct access from Beloved Villa and a short walk from Southern Gables, Spring Bay provides the quintessential Virgin Gorda boulder experience without the crowds. This picturesque location lets you snorkel among boulders teeming with sea life.

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