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Wreck of the RMS Rhone

The Caribbean’s clear blue sea is ideal for all sorts of water sports.  Warm water and excellent visibility make scuba diving and snorkeling two of the region’s most popular tourist activities. There are coral reefs in many Caribbean destinations but if you are looking for a truly unique underwater experience you need to consider making Virgin Gorda your next vacation destination. Located just off the coast of Salt island, the wreck of the RMS Rhone, is the BVI’s most famous dive site. The RMS Rhone was a 310 feet long British packet ship owned by the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company. She was wrecked off the coast of Salt Island in the British Virgin Islands on October 29, 1867 during a category 3 hurricane. While attempting to reach open seas to ride out the storm the ship ran aground on Salt Island’s Black Rock Point.  When cool seawater made contact with the ships burning hot boilers the ship exploded and split into two sections.  With passengers strapped into their bunks by crew, seemingly to protect them during the storm, 123 of the ship’s 146 passengers went down with the ship.  The bow section settled in 80 feet of water, the stern rests just 30 feet below the surface. The Rhone is now a popular dive site.  The area around her was turned into a national park in 1967.  The Rhone has received a number of citations and awards over the years as one of the top recreational wreck dives in the Caribbean.  It is highly regarded both for its historical interest and for the site’s abundance of marine life. The Wreck of the Rhone is easily accessible from Virgin Gorda.  Regularly scheduled trips are available from local dive operators.  We can also help you arrange a private expedition.

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Villas Virgin Gorda’s – Best of The BVI

Some people’s idea of the perfect vacation is sitting by the pool with a kindle and a cocktail. Throw in a poolside massage and they are happy as a clam. There is another breed of traveler that likes to hit the ground running. These individuals want to do and see as much as possible. Their idea of a perfect vacation is an itinerary loaded with activities. If you are visiting Virgin Gorda I am happy to inform you that both types of vacation are readily available. If you want to rent a house with a pool and a place to relax than we have that. If you want an active vacation with lots to do you can have that too. Virgin Gorda’s location makes it an excellent home base for day trips to other islands. If you are someone who wants to explore, here’s our short-list of the Best of the BVI. BARS 1) Cow Wreck Beach Bar / Anegada – I always get annoyed when guests tell me they went to Anegada and spent the whole day at Loblolly Beach and ate lunch at Big Bamboo. In our opinion the real attraction on Anegada is Cow Wreck Beach. Cow Wreck Beach Bar, Anegada, BVI 2) Bomba’s Shack / Tortola – Bomba’s Surfide Shack is a located on the beach at Cappoons Bay, Tortola. Built out of scrap material, broken surfboards, and driftwood this bar is about as weird and eclectic as they come. The anything goes party atmosphere makes this one of the hardest partying establishments in the BVI. Their full moon parties are world famous. Bomba's Surfside Shack, Cappoons Bay, Tortola 3) William T. Thorton - Floating Bar & Restaurant / Norman Island – For a unique drinking and eating experience you cannot beat the “Willy – T”. This floating bar / restaurant is on a ship permanently anchored off the shore of Norman Island. William T. Thorton - Floating Bar & Restaurant, Norman Island, BVI BEACHES 1) Spring Bay / Virgin Gorda – While everyone else is running to The Baths do yourself a favor and take a detour to Spring Bay. 2) White Bay / Jost Van Dyke – Grab a drink at the Soggy Dollar bar and soak up one of the most perfect beaches in the BVI. The beach’s proximity to bars and restaurants makes this a great spot for fun in the sun. 3) Cow Wreck Beach / Anegada – Soft white sand as far as the eye can see and not another sole in site. When you are ready for liquid refreshments and a bite to eat the folks at the family run Cow Wreck Beach Bar will take good care of you. RESTAURANTS 1) Dove Restaurant & Wine Bar / Tortola – The Dove serves serious food with great wine pairings and cocktails. It is located right across the street from the ferry dock in Tortola so it is easily accessible if you are coming [...]

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Virgin Gorda – 5 Great Snorkeling Sites

Virgin Gorda offers enough dramatic shallow-water snorkeling spots to keep sea gazers wide-eyed for days. Here is a list of 5 of our favorite great snorkeling sites. Savannah Bay Along the west shore of Virgin Gorda the government of the British Virgin Islands established a self-guided “trail” to the finest snorkeling spots off pristine Savannah Bay. Along the way, underwater signs help snorkelers learn more about the animal life they are gazing upon, which includes hard and soft corals, marine plants, and colorful fish. The Baths At The Baths, only a five minute walk from Water's Edge Villa, underwater sites are less about reef and more about rock life. Regardless, this spot still teems with fish. Snorkelers will feel like true explorers as they seek out hidden underwater nooks and crannies that serve as home to marine life. The Dogs The Dogs, a small group of uninhabited islands just off the West shore of Virgin Gorda, have some of the best snorkeling in the BVI. Local charter boat captains or dive operators can easily take you where you need to go. Part of the fun of this experience is snorkeling right from the boat. Mahoe Bay The two reefs that protect Mahoe Bay from incoming sailboats and other boat traffic are ideal for beginning snorkelers. Beach Dreams Villa offers easy access to the reef and is one reason why this is a popular spot for visitors. Mahoe Bay provides some of the calmest waters of anywhere on the island and is ideal for young and beginner snorkelers Spring Bay Just before you get to The Baths on the right, this much quieter and free park is another island favorite. Offering direct access from Beloved Villa and a short walk from Southern Gables, Spring Bay provides the quintessential Virgin Gorda boulder experience without the crowds. This picturesque location lets you snorkel among boulders teeming with sea life. Want to take your adventure to the next level? Contact BVI SNUBA to book your experience today!

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Virgin Gorda Copper Mine Ruin

As the summer rental season approaches we are reminded that many of the island’s visitors will be families with children.  For those families that like to add an educational experience to their vacation’s itinerary the Virgin Gorda Copper Mine is a great spot for a scenic hike. The Copper Mine is an 18.4-acre national park containing the ruins of an abandoned 19th-century copper mine.  First built by miners from Cornwall England in the 1830’s, the Copper Mine’s remains are located on a site that had previously been mined by Amerindians and Spaniards.  Located on a scenic cliff face perched above the Caribbean Sea, the ruins feature parts of the Copper Mine’s original smoke stack and engine house. Mine Hill is also a habitat for White-Tailed Tropicbirds (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White-tailed_Tropicbird) that nest in the rocky cliff crevices below the mine.  Departing from their seaside nests, they dive from incredible heights to extract fish from the sea below.

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